No matter your circumstance, there is always hope and I am living, breathing proof that it can be found. Healing has not come quickly for me and navigating the aftermath has felt endless at times. However, I desire to help you uncover your authentic place to discover gratitude for what is and grace in dealing with it all. 


Ash & After Podcast

This podcast is an exploration of the many facets of navigating life’s personal wildfires. I am lending a voice to the difficult topics and acting as a bridge between sitting amidst the ash and becoming a true Phoenix rising. How do we emerge better than before? How do we make way for the beautiful, new growth that wants to take place? How do we sift through the ruins with some grace and dignity? What happens when we do not recognize our life nor ourselves any longer?

Come with me as we journey through it all together. I invite you to make space to just listen, but listen carefully. The lessons, the messages, and the hope is always there if we are willing to hear. Enter your email to be notified when the podcast is live.

Ash & After

I desire to lend a voice to the beautiful and the terrifying, the catastrophic and the renewing that lends its way to fresh growth, rebirth of the earth and our lives.